Red Bull Dance Your Style – Atlanta Qualifier 2021


“The Best Qualifier of all 6 US Cities.”

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global, all-styles dance competition, where the best street dancers in the world compete in 1-on-1, knockout battles, against one another. Poppers, Lockers, Hip-hop Freestylers, House Dancers, Waackers, Voguers, Krumpers, Chicago Footworkers, and more all compete in a test of their skills and styles. Jaleesa (Hourglass) of WERC worked directly with Red Bull’s Deep South Culture manager to handle all pre-production, while the rest of the Crew joined the week of production to activate the competition and all ancillary events.

Services Provided
  • Pre-production
  • Branding Printing & Placement
  • Talent booking
  • Tech Soundcheck & Troubleshooting
  • Influencer Sourcing
  • Set Design
  • Staff Training
  • Internal WERC Talent Booked